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About me

  • I was born in 1976 in the beautiful Auvergne region of France
  • I am a dual citizen of France and the United States
  • Open-mindedness and an addiction to travel are my main traits
  • I am a qualified webmaster, and very flexible when it comes to your needs and your approach

What I do


WordPress websites!!

I love wordpress,lorem ipsum and all that stuff!!


For all your translating needs whether it’s on social media,for a youtube video sub-title or anything else,I’m here! From english to french and from french to english


Sports,travel,social medias

as a native french speaker,I will help you reach the largest audience



I make the most of wordpress as a tool to express my creativity.

I hold a diploma as a certified webmaster from the Vichy web-school located in France.However,what matters the most is to understand your expectations in order to bring your vision to life,and .Designing a website is a mutually enriching experience.My role is to suggest,but most of all,to design a project in absolute accordance to your request.

Useful is beautiful!

I look forward to our collaboration,I am dedicated to providing you with complete satisfaction.

Clean websites design are becoming increasingly popular,mainly because going straight to the information is crucial.


Prestashop is a powerful tool designed exclusively for e-commerce.From taking pictures of your product to assisting you with the various options and details offered by prestashop,to one on one training (So you can be able to run your website independently),

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A multilingual website helps expand a business


A multilingual website helps expand a business. People prefer to browse websites — whether for obtaining information or buy goods and services — that are in their own languages. Websites in local languages are becoming more appealing to a variety of Internet users from around the world. English may be the universal language but it sure does not work for everyone. If you want to touch base with this market, maintaining a multilingual website would be the best way to go. I offer a 100%free and professional english/french translation service if you decide to hire me as your web-master.

Designing a good website that accommodates a lot of content is a tricky balancing act to pull off. Get it right, though, and you’ll have gained a new audience member who not only understands your message, but also might just bring a few friends with them when they return. For example, white spaces are important for allowing the content (and your visitors’ eyes) room to breathe . Boxes and borders segment  the information into visual categories. These best practices applied effectively in order to maintain an enjoyable, friction-free experience.

“Afraid of being exposed, dying to be seen — there’s a dilemma for you.”
-Philip Roth, The Human Stain



 Albert Einstein